FAQ: Frame Repair

FAQ: Frame Repair

FAQ: Frame RepairIf you've been in an auto accident, there is a good chance that your vehicle has suffered some sort of frame damage. The frame is what supports the weight of the vehicle's components, including its body, engine, and transmission. If the frame is damaged it can cause several major issues for your car, making it very unsafe to drive. Even smaller accidents can result in some sort of frame damage. In fact, in as many as 50 percent of accidents there are reports of frame issues. Because of the problems that can arise due to frame damage it is important to always have your vehicle assessed following any accident. These frequently asked questions about frame repair will help you understand the process, but if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact a local auto body repair shop.

What problems can frame damage cause?

If the frame becomes damaged in an accident your vehicle can suffer from several ailments. Most noticeably, the way your vehicle drives will be altered due to the change in weight distribution that can occur if the frame is bent, even in the slightest bit. However, there are much more severe issues that can happen. A bent or hindered frame could eventually snap, resulting in yet another accident. Additionally, the structural integrity of your car is greatly altered if the frame is misshaped, which makes it incredibly unsafe in the event of another accident.

What is frame repair?

The process of frame repair is quite intricate. In order to restore the frame to its factory specifications the frame will need to be pushed and pulled with extreme force. The use of a computerized frame repair machine that can exert great force will be used in order to restore the frame to its original dimensions. Using a computer guided alignment system the frame can be restored to within a centimeter of its original specs.

Who completes frame repair?

A specially trained technician will operate the machines that straighten the vehicle frame, as well as conduct any cutting or welding that may be necessary for final repairs. This technician understands how to read the important specifications and guides in order to return the frame to its original condition.

Do all accidents cause frame damage?

Not all vehicle wrecks will result in frame damage, but as many as 50 percent do. Even low speed impacts can cause some sort of bend or crease in the frame, throwing off the vehicle's ability to drive correctly.

Is my car safe to drive after frame repair is completed?

Yes, following professional car frame repair you can safely drive your vehicle without worrying about any issues.

If you have been involved in an accident, it is critical to let a professional auto body shop evaluate your vehicle for damage. If you have any other questions, or believe you need expert automotive frame repair in Canoga Park, CA, head to Moises Auto Body & Paint. Our team of I-CAR certified collision technicians will have you back on the road in a safe vehicle in no time. Give us a call at (818) 875-5785 to request an appointment or to schedule an estimate for collision repair in Canoga Park or the surrounding communities.

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Posted: August 27, 2020

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