A Short Guide to Auto Body Repair Vocabulary Terms

A Short Guide to Auto Body Repair Vocabulary Terms

A Short Guide to Auto Body Repair Vocabulary TermsAt Moises Auto Body & Paint, we want our customers to have a solid understanding of the repair process so they can make an informed decision about how they're spending their money. If you have any questions about the auto body repair process or the industry terminology that we use, the crew at our local body shop would be happy to provide thorough explanations. Here's a brief overview of common auto body repair vocabulary.


In the auto body industry, alignment refers to fixing damage to steering and suspension parts. For safe handling of your vehicle, it's crucial that steering/suspension parts are returned as closely as possible to factory measurements.


Corrosion is what happens when refined metals convert to hydroxide, oxide, carbonite, or sulfide. In terms of cosmetic damage to a vehicle, the relevant form of corrosion is rust. It's always important to take care of rust ASAP so that it doesn't spread and cause even bigger problems.


LKQ stands for Like Kind & Quality. LKQ parts are salvaged from non-running automobiles. They are thoroughly inspected by an auto body professional to make sure they will work strongly and safely when installed on the repaired vehicle.


Masking is a term used for parts of the vehicle that are not supposed to be painted during the repair process.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts are the same as those made by the manufacturers. Because OEM parts are made with factory specs and materials, they are a great option for replacing damaged parts.


Putty is a polyester product that is sometimes used for fixing small dents. It will smoothen the damaged area, and then priming and painting will be done to complete the repairs.

Auto Body Repair in Canoga Park

When you need auto body repair in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, contact Moises Auto Body & Paint at (818) 875-5785. At our local body shop, we can expertly repair any auto body damage. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: March 2022

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