6 Tips to Keep Your Paint Job in Great Shape

6 Tips to Keep Your Paint Job in Great Shape

6 Tips to Keep Your Paint Job in Great ShapeA flawless paint job keeps your vehicle looking sleek and sharp. To protect your paint job, there are certain precautions you should take. Here's a look at six simple tips for protecting your car's paint job.

Use Correct Washing Materials

When you use just any random rag to wash your car, there's a risk that its abrasiveness could scratch your paint. To make sure you don't damage your paint as you wash, it's best to use synthetic microfiber towels, which are meant for this sort of task. You'll also want to always use automotive soap instead of household soap.

Wax Carefully

Before waxing, you'll want to make completely sure that all debris has been removed from your car's surface. If you don't, there's the chance that the debris will be dragged along in a way that causes scratching.

Skip the Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car wash brushes often collect dirt and other debris. If this dirt doesn't fully rinse away before you go through, then it could scratch your paint as the brushes rub against your car.

Spot Cleaning

It can come in quite handy to have an on-the-go cleaning kit in your car. This will allow you to quickly clean up messes from bird droppings and tree sap.

Park in the Shade

Whenever possible, you'll want to park in the shade so that the sun's UV rays don't cause your paint to fade. When you're out on the town, it's best if you use a parking garage. At home, you'll want to keep room in your garage for your cars. Or, if that's an option, installing a carport could provide long-term benefits.

Park at a Distance from Other Vehicles

It can certainly be tempting to take the spot right near the store's entrance. But doing so will likely mean that you'll have other cars parked closely to you, which increases the chances of someone opening their door right into your paneling. By parking a little further away from the entrance, you can usually reduce this risk of damage.

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Posted: October 8, 2020

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