The Top Causes of Car Accidents

The Top Causes of Car Accidents

The Top Causes of Car AccidentsYou might drive defensively, but there's still always the risk of a reckless driver causing you to get in an accident. If you are involved in a collision, you'll want to be sure that the repairs are done at a shop that has extensive experience with returning vehicles to their pre-accident condition. At Moises Auto Body & Paint, our technicians are experts at repairing collision damage. Whether the damage is minor or major, when you need collision repair, we'll flawlessly complete the job.

Leading Causes of Car Wrecks

In our smartphone-smitten culture, you probably won't be surprised by the fact that the number-one cause of car accidents is distracted driving. The National Safety Council reports that more than 1.5 million accidents occur annually because of cell phone use. Although distracted driving has become the top cause of car accidents, alcohol-related collisions are still all too common as well. And these accidents regularly have tragic results. According to NHTSA data, alcohol-fueled crashes cause an average of about 25 deaths each day.

Reckless driving is another common cause of accidents. Examples of reckless driving include racing, excessive speeding, using the shoulder to pass, and tailgating. When drivers operate their vehicles with no regard for safety, it often leads to innocent people getting hurt.

Inclement weather is another frequent cause of accidents. If you're driving through rain or fog, you'll want to drive more cautiously and maintain a speed that is safe for the conditions. Nighttime driving also regularly leads to accidents, which makes it very important that your headlights are in excellent condition. When poor weather is combined with night driving, the risks are even higher.

Collision Repair in Canoga Park

When you need collision repair in Canoga Park, contact Moises Auto Body & Paint at (818) 875-5785. At our local body shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's cosmetic needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment! And feel free to use our easy online estimate tool!

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Posted: November 2021

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