What are the leading causes of car accidents?

What are the leading causes of car accidents?

What are the leading causes of car accidents?More than 6 million car accidents occur in the United States each year. By driving defensively, you can significantly reduce your risk of an accident. Nonetheless, when a reckless driver comes barrelling in your direction, an accident may be unavoidable. When your vehicle does suffer collision damage, it's important to restore it to its pre-accident conditions so that it provides optimal protection if you get in another accident at some point down the road. At Moises Auto Body & Paint, we provide top-quality collision repair in the greater Los Angeles area.

Top Causes of Car Wrecks

Distracted driving is the number-one cause of car accidents in the United States. As you likely suspect, this is primarily because of cell phone use. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use annually causes around 1.5 million accidents. Texting and driving causes approximately 25% of all car wrecks. But there are other common distractions that increase the risk of an accident, such as eating and putting on makeup.

The second leading cause of accidents is speeding. Per data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, speeding is a factor in about 1 out of every 3 car accidents.

Drunk driving is the third leading cause of accidents. According to the NHTSA, in 2020 there was a drunk driving-related death about every 45 minutes, leading to 11,654 drunk driving deaths in the year.

In addition to these three leading causes of car wrecks, other major contributors to accidents include reckless driving and inclement weather. Types of reckless driving include unsafe lane changes, racing, and tailgating. These are driving behaviors that put innocent people at major risk. And during periods of heavy rain, reckless driving becomes all the more dangerous.

Collision Repair in Canoga Park

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Posted: November 2022

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